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Below you’ll find our Executive Board, Members, and associate Directors for the Organization. All have one mission and that is to make a difference in our communities to help serve in various programs, and to cultivate bringing the care and services we offer as a Non-Profit. We Pride ourselves in serving and giving back to the community.
Linda Crumb
President, Founder
Linda Crumb is an Ambitious, and Passionate Christian Businesswoman, Author, Leader, Realtor and Entrepreneur. She has worked in the corporate sector as a Public Health worker for nearly 19 years, and understands the needs that people face on a day-to-day basis.

She thrives to  help others accomplish their dream goals of cultivating awareness in themselves to discover hidden gifts. Highly Motivated to Philanthropic work and addressing Humanitarianism to serve all humans who are facing crisis of hunger, shelter, abuse of all kinds, and homelessness.  Linda is the mother of 4 beautiful energetic and remarkable children, who appreciates the importance of helping others.

She is  dedicated to her family and friends, and has a plethora of associates and acquaintances to call on should she need to. Linda Founded Rooted2Serve in 2017, because of her own struggle as a single mother, with very limited assistance, and many obstacles that she had to face.

Nonetheless, she desired to be one of many Organizations to address the needs of single family households, single parents, individuals and homelessness in the community. Helping others find and adapt to a way of life that will ultimately revolutionize their lives and saying yes to change, is what makes her and her Organization unique. She understands the value of community and the heart of it all, is to be stewards one to another.

She believes with patience, Love and having the will to believe; anything can Transpire. Finding  passion and purpose isn’t always easy, yet extremely meaningful and fulfilling. She believes that when you create a lifestyle of positive thinking, prayer, faith, nothing is impossible.

Ayhana Gaines
Ayhana is the mother of two Amazing children; Aniya and Louis. Ayhana currently resides in Eugene, Oregon. Ayhana previously lived in Pensacola, Florida, and grew up in Mississippi and Louisiana. She has been an educator for the past 20 years as a teacher, and also a school counselor. Ayhana attended Tougaloo College, where she earned her degree in Psychology. She continued to matriculate in her studies achieving a Masters in School Counseling (Hampton University), and a Masters in Educational Leadership from American Intercontinental University.

Ayhana has a great love for working with children, seeing their lives change right before her eyes. She’s a lover of people, which puts her in the category of “getting alone with all who she meets.” She’s a small group type person, but is open to larger groups. Ayhana is looking forward to serving on the Board and experiencing new levels of learning, growing and meeting new people on her journey with Rooted 2 Serve. In her leisure time, Ayhana loves to worship, she loves quiet time, and spending time with family. Ayhana is a believer in teamwork, and she believes that it does make the dream work!!
Victoria Jefferson
2nd Secretary
Victoria is a Bio-Health Science major with an option in Pre- Medicine at Oregon State University. As a student she has been very passionate to work in the healthcare field, in particular with spearheading her education in soon-to-be, Anesthesiologist. She has developed interest in learning about sleep psychology while exploring other fields of medicine as a research assistant. In her spare time she will be dedicating her time assisting within the organization as 2nd Secretary to Miss Ahyana Gaines.

Victoria is the youngest of four, and loves her siblings dearly. She enjoys spending time with her mother when she’s on school vacations. Victoria also is active with the Black Student Union program on her campus and participates in activities regularly while in school. She’s excited about being a part of this Organization, because she wants to be a part of making a change in our communities. She believes that this organization will allow her to be an advocate in her community and within other communities as well. Victoria is very passionate about serving, learning, building and being an ambassador to address needs in the community. Victoria will also Lead the Youth Advisory Council for the Organization.
Lashunda Norful
LaShunda is a native of Michigan and currently resides in Charlotte, NC. Lashunda has been a Healthcare professional for over 21 years, working in Acute care and establishing herself as a true peoples lover. With her creative mind and personality, she has been attributed to building several businesses as an Entrepreneur. Lashunda has 4 wonderful children ages 30, 23, 19 and 15. She also has 2 beautiful grandchildren, 10 and 1. In her free time, Lashunda loves to travel and loves to meet new people. Lashunda is eager to bring along the skills needed for Rooted 2 Serve, as a dedicated team member. Excited to provide Excellent Service to the communities we will serve.
Trina Wiliams-Mercier
Director of Planning & Special Events Committee
Trina Wiliams-Mercier, is a Native of New Orleans, Louisiana; and now resides in Portland Oregon. She and her family have lived in Oregon for 13 years. Trina has been married to her Talented husband Clyde Mercier Jr., (who is the Head Chef at ParkStone Restaurant) for 35 years. They have 3 wonderful children together, and are proud Grandparents of four Beautiful Grandchildren. Trina has served as the Lead Care Assistant at Magnolia school in New Orleans, La for 15 years. She was also the primary caregiver for both her lovely parents before their departure. Trina has dedicated her life to give back to others being able to help wherever and whenever she could. Trina’s love and skills for planning and special event activities has allowed her to partake in church functions and events. Also she will be bringing her love and compassion for people and serving in areas demonstrated, where she will have a great impact for others. Trina looks forward to utilizing her abilities to serve in this Organization and caring for the needs of people.

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